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Q: what is the main business of weimai electronic technology co., LTD?

A: weimai electronic technology co., LTD. Is A rechargeable battery supplier integrating the production and sales of nickel metal hydride batteries and chargers.

Q: what is a ni-mh battery? What are the characteristics of nickel-metal hydride batteries?

A: nickel-metal hydride battery is A kind of dc power supply which is composed of hydrogen storage alloy powder, nickel metal compound, electrolyte, diaphragm paper and metal shell, which can convert chemical energy into electric energy. Nickel-cadmium batteries store 30% more power than nickel-cadmium batteries, are lighter than nickel-cadmium batteries, are safer than lithium batteries, have a longer life and are environmentally friendly.

Q: what battery models and USES can our company produce?

A: nickel metal hydride battery: AA, AAA, AAAA, SC, A, C, D, 9V;

It is mainly used for: digital camera, remote control toy, electric toothbrush, razor, cordless telephone, wireless earphone, intercom, mining lamp, emergency lamp, vacuum cleaner, sweeper, electric toothbrush, electric tools and so on.

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