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New energy vehicles and the earnings race

2018/8/14 22:09:13

The new energy passenger vehicle industry (currently the policy to promote Seychelles in hybrid electric vehicles and passenger vehicles) in general, 3-5 years, is still road testing and research, the accumulation of empirical data, the automotive industry and the adjustment of new Energy vehicles' 5% market share of the 2012 plan targets to achieve pressure (more than 90 million).

Short, we recommend risk-seeking investors to participate in relevant stock speculative satellites. Look, we choose the market share of the longer-term larger car companies. BYD, such as the trial operation of the taxi E6 equivalent accumulated experience data process, the steps of electrical system development are crucial in this regard, who walks in front, who will eventually be in the electric field.

Technical routes and subsidies and expectations. Work hard

The new energy vehicle technology route is clear. The new energy vehicle financial subsidy pilot notice clearly states that the new energy vehicle's subsidized plug type plug (in) hybrid car and pure electric car, the former performance-to-cost is not less than 10, the latter is not less than 15 kWh, it is Domestic kWh pointed out the development direction, oem high, pure electric hybrid car will get more policies, choose the technical route that the enterprise has advantage,

Subsidies and expectations. Working rules, qualified new energy vehicles, according to 3,000 yuan / kWh oem subsidies, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, the maximum subsidy per vehicle is 6 yuan 50,000 yuan. This is a basic market that is expected to meet the subsidy intensity, but it must be pointed out that the current new energy vehicles, even the entire cost is high, the upper limit price subsidies, according to the subsidies will also be stronger than the traditional car, configuration, therefore need to stand, professional financial parking, electricity A link to the preferential subsidy.

Companies that recommend models in the catalogue get starters. For auto companies applying for subsidy rules, new energy vehicles must be incorporated into new energy-saving and application demonstration models, the recommended catalogue so far, the domestic share of more than 43 100 model manufacturers to this catalogue, including passenger cars, including 27 pure More than 50% of electric and fuel cell vehicles, each faw-sedan, Changan Automobile, Shanghai Auto, Chery Automobile, BYD 9 companies, these enterprises will undoubtedly make larger starters.

Small displacement cars benefit the most

The “energy” promotion allowance will have a substantial impact on some auto companies. The implementation of the rules to promote energy-saving vehicle emission subsidies includes 160 L and gasoline and diesel vehicles (including hybrid and dual-fuel vehicles), because the price of hybrid dual-fuel vehicles is usually higher than the same power, gasoline and diesel vehicle configuration, Each 3,000 yuan one-time subsidy vehicle dynamics is relatively small.

Therefore, we believe that the biggest beneficiary of the policy is the traditional tool of small displacement and saving fuel economy performance. Enjoy the preferential purchase of the purchase tariff rate of 7.5% on the premise of 3,000 yuan, enjoy the discount, discount rate.

For example, with a car with a price of 10 million invoices, according to the 2009 car tax, the tax incentives are halved by 100000/1.17 * 5% = 4274 yuan, according to the current policy and preferential amount of 100000/1.17 * 2.5% + 3000 yuan, 5137 = 2009 policy. The synthetic fuel restriction policy is in line with economic benefits, and the largest passenger vehicle listed companies benefit, including Changan Automobile, Jianghuai Automobile, Shanghai Automobile, Shield and Economy Car Engine Power (Power), and Cloud in Automotive Diesel Engine).

The new energy vehicles in the “10,000” three towns will expand the coaches more widely. In January 2009, energy conservation and the start of 10,000 new energy vehicle promotion work (choose three towns) in Beijing, Shanghai, and Chongqing as the first 13 cities to promote pilot fiscal policy to encourage city buses, leasing, commerce, Health, postal, etc., promote the use of new energy vehicles in the public service sector, and gain some achievements. In fact, the largest orders are concentrated in new energy city buses.

At present, new energy vehicles in the public service sector promote urban expansion, bringing new passenger transportation demand to the new energy industry. Listed company in the car, Futian benefited from the 2009 Futian Automobile Passenger Transport sales of new energy vehicles, in the new 700-year energy coach to expand the market industry, but the current profit of key parts of new energy concentrate, passenger car profits are very low .

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