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Electric cars emerge with the concept of a pilot station

2018/8/14 22:08:29

The Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Science and Technology, and the National Development and Reform Commission jointly issued a notice to officially letter 4 ministries in the private purchase of new energy vehicles pilot work, subsidies in the new energy industry, electric vehicles and the most obvious beneficiary charging station pile construction.

5 pilot cities urged station construction

Take a look at the big and medium cities to build roads every 5 kilometers, and gas stations can fully understand the importance and charging piles.

Seniors said that local governments attach great importance to charging stations, especially piles in Shanghai and Shenzhen, and five cities in Changchun, Hangzhou and Hefei. Investors can clearly see that the local government is promoting the construction and charging stations of piles. .

The actions of Shenzhen and Shanghai are relatively fast. From June 1st, Shenzhen's demonstration of the pilot program for energy-saving and new-energy vehicles in Shenzhen will promote the support of infrastructure subsidies on the basis of subsidies for individuals, social organizations and enterprises to purchase new energy vehicles through central financial subsidies.

At the same time, Shenzhen promulgated the "Shenzhen electric vehicle charging system technical specifications, indicating that in the next two years will be in the parking lot and shopping center or new energy car high-end hotel parking lot. Overall planning bus station every 25 speed, GongWuChe Slow public fast charging station, charging pile 2500 years and 200 years of social public slow battery stack 1 million!

According to media reports, the local government actively formulated relevant measures to form a draft. Consumers already included a one-time subsidy of no more than 20%, focusing on the registration of direct registration licenses in the registration process, and other recent developments in the economy and informatization, saying that the Shanghai committee will also Station equipment investment subsidy, 20% will complete nearly 400 battery pile construction plan.

Hangzhou this year will be a big station building, five small battery charging stations, 50-100 battery replacement service outlets, and 100 battery stacks. Hangzhou Caixin charges, the deputy director of the committee said that Hangzhou is exploring the vehicle battery network construction model. The process of charging facilities to promote Hangzhou's breakthrough is feasible to solve the problem of car battery service network coverage.

Therefore, charging stations and charging are listed in the new energy construction electric vehicle industry, the service plays an important role in the construction of the national policy and the local government must be supported smoothly and quickly, the performance of listed companies will also be related to the improvement.

The fee will be divided into three types

According to the function, the station can be divided into four tall modules, distribution system, charging system, battery charging station monitoring system and dispatching system. Complete supply, central station requires Darmstadt, charging area, battery replacement and maintenance, and other five parts between the supply station to provide power, not only to provide energy, but also to meet the power requirements of the battery charger lighting and control Equipment, all equipment, power distribution monitoring systems, related control and compensation equipment are distributed internally. The central station for monitoring, the operation of Darmstadt, and the completion of the management report form printing, etc. The main battery charging area. Replacing the battery The replacement battery is a vehicle and requires a battery replacement device. The battery backup construction should be used to store the battery. Battery maintenance of battery, battery capacity balance, actual test, battery failure emergency treatment, etc.

There are generally three types of charging stations for car batteries. Common battery charging, known as traditional battery, slowdown or charging mode, is currently AC plug in the car, it takes 5-8 hours, or 2-6 hours, such as communication mode, external AC 220 v charging mode or 380 v Power electric car car charger, car charger battery power. General electric cars, but small external charging hybrid electric car pluginhybridelectricvehicle (PHEV), using this way, the second is currently fast charging, charging is bigger, which requires the construction of some fast charging stations, it does not need the battery to be fully charged Only meet the need to drive, charging mode, in 20 minutes, 30 minutes, only 50% to 80% of the battery, such as the direct way, the ground direct charger output DC electric car battery, please provide relevant charging and communication interface. The total power supply of the charger outputs current, voltage, and wide range changes. Some ground chargers have a fast charging function, and the third is a battery replacement.

6 years to return to the station

The station cost recovery battery actually has a great relationship with the ability of Negroponte, the charging station cost recovery and battery life for sensitivity analysis capabilities, when the battery life capacity is 70 kva per hour, the charging station infrastructure cost is 6.53 recovery, The charging station and distribution facilities are based on 11.76, when the battery life reaches 70 kva for half an hour, the charging station infrastructure cost recovery, the charging station base 327 is realized and the distribution facility is 5.88 years, when the battery life capacity reaches 15 minutes 70 kva, the charging station base Facility cost recovery, preventing charging station base and distribution facilities for 2.94 years.

In general, single-station infrastructure and distribution facilities, if not a large investment battery life of more than 70 kva for half an hour, charging station cost recovery can be controlled in six years. The single-site infrastructure and distribution facilities invested 430 million yuan, the first phase of construction, the total investment of 75 stations is about 3 million yuan, the State Grid. Cost recovery stations, when battery life reaches 70 kva for half an hour, charging station infrastructure cost recovery, charging station 327 realized and allocated infrastructure, economic recovery of 5.88 battery life, enhanced cost recovery will shorten the station.

Huge investment in national power grid construction

When building a charging station on a large scale, the main function is to realize the station and slowly fill the fast charging charging pile to realize the function. Considering the area, a common battery charging station should be equipped with ten chargers.

7 company station construction benefits

Charging station and pile construction process requires a large number of equipment, such as charging machine, electric, active filter device monitoring system, charging pile, transformer, power distribution cabinet, cable, and other chargers, electricity, active filter device charging station construction Monitoring systems, using stacks and relatively unique electrical equipment. Battery charger and equipment supplier Guodian Nanpeng XuJi Electric, Siyuan Electric, active filter Otley communication, equipment supplier Rongxin stock, Siyuan Electric, Senyuan power equipment supplier actual monitoring system, actually since the South XuJi Electrical, South.

Look, the listed company's comprehensive benefit station construction steps are as follows: Guodian, South XuJi Electric Rongxin stock, Senyuan Electric, Communications, Siyuan Electric, South from the actual Otley.

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