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2018 - 08 - 29
1.Description of battery and its compositionA battery is a chemical power supply, which is a device that converts chemical energy directly into low-voltage direct current energy through chemical reaction. To achieve the energy conversion, the battery must have two conditions: the oxidation and reduction reaction must be separated in two areas; The electrons have to go through an external circuit. Therefore, the battery should include the following basic components:Positive electrode - provides capacity, mainly consisting of active material and conductive skeleton.Negative pole -- ibid.Electrolyte - ion transport.Diaphragm - prevents the formation of electronic conduction pathways between positive and negative poles.Enclosure -- protection.2.Basic operation principleConditions that constitu...
2018 - 08 - 29
Classification:By electrolyte property: acid battery, alkaline battery, neutral battery,Organic electrolyte solution battery, solid electrolyte battery;According to battery characteristics: high capacity battery, sealed battery, maintenance free battery, explosion-proof battery, etc.According to the nature of work and storage: original battery, battery, storage (activation) battery, fuel cell;The concept of power battery: the energy output from the battery is used for the vehicle (automobile, electric bicycle, etc.) to draw and drive the battery.Development history of power battery:    1859         Plante lead-acid battery     1901         Cadmium nickel battery     ...
2018 - 08 - 29
Lithium ion batteries appeared in the 90 s Areas of application: mobile phones, laptops, cameras, electric vehicle. Advantages: high open circuit voltage (monomer battery voltage up to 3.6 ~ 3.8 V), specific energy, long cycle life and pollution-free, no memory effect, small self-discharge. Faults: a charge and discharge protection, cost is very high, can't use large current discharge (organic electrolyte). The main types: liquid lithium ion battery and lithium ion battery. Why is li-ion battery protection more critical?The cathode of a lithium-ion battery is mainly carbon or graphite, which can store and release lithium ions. Once overcharging occurs, the lithium ions become lithium and the metal is deposited on the surface of carbon or graphite. Because lithium is...
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